4570 black powder loads

4570 black powder loads Many gun marketers have been touting the capability of using 150-grain powder charges and enhancing velocities in excess of 2,200 feet per second. 379 inch; brass used: Winchester . Black Hills Ammunition and other ammo companies make loads today that basically mimic this performance but use smokeless powder, of course. Though being from Dakota Territory, they couldn’t just stop there. 45-70-405 load. 45-70 fired a . 45-70 loads. 40 grains by volume 3FG Black powder under 250 grain bullet yields ave Chono velocity of 1027 FPS in a 5. 307 BC) at 1350 feet per second while the other is a 325gr Hornady LEVERevolution factory load (. Almost all of the powder manufacturers has reloading data available on their web sites. Out of stock. some of the modern 45-70 ammo may not be safe for the old Trapdoor rifles as some of it is made for the modern 45-70s like the Marlins and Rugers. From left: Brooks pointed bullet and loaded round and Mos Creedmoor bullet and loaded round. This information is intended to be used as a reference. It made a big gentle push of recoil. There is no load data for black powder. Centerfire Rifle Ammo (19) Price. My advice to you is to stick to real hunting loads designed to kill deer. ammo was released to the military, in the military rifle of the day, which . 45-70 IMHO. 6,408 Posts. and Pat spent 3 years researching original military sources from the . Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Silhouette matches started in 1985, and the . 45-75. I have read that they used to be a thing in BPCR shooting, then I believe somewhere back in time the rules changed to holy black only and the duplexing kind of went away. 45-70 Revised Edition by Paul A. Print Post. I have killed a number of deer with my Sharps style 45-70 with black powder and AA5744 smokeless equivalent . ,45-70 Black Powder Loads. A 500-grain bullet moving at 1,300 fps packs a wallop. ** Limited Stock ** The hard cast bullet is cast with 92-6-2 certified alloy (BHN 16),. Back when i used to build a a lot of rifles for the NRA (US) Black powder 500M Silhouette comps, we did a study with a 475-500 grain (iirc) bullet over 55 grains of 2F black powder. Wt. Goex Black Dawge Cartridges. Besides, I would need to buy 45-70 brass, pure lead, bullet molds, and reloading dies. It made big smoke. In the early days, factories had a wide assortment of black powder loads for the . 19th Century 45-70 Government Cartridges. $41. Another good source of factory ammunition for the Trapdoor is the "Cowboy" loads; they're loaded . So be sure you have physical shipping address on your order. Principal Purpose: Light rifle. Regards. The Black Powder categories in Cowboy Action Shooting have been exploding of late, partly due to the fact that SASS discovered spectators like it, and it plays well on TV, and partly due to the advent of Black Powder Substitutes, powders that load like BP (volume for volume) and smoke like BP (Some smoke more), but don't smell like sulfur and clean up easily, load easier, and don't face the . CHARGE TABLE FOR 45/70GOVERNMENT (. Don't go below the tables in either bullet weight or powder charge. My Shiloh Sharps 45-70 rifle will arrive this summer. Post by ffffgdave@yahoo. Shopping Options. i would also recomend Wolf's book on reloading the 45/70. E. He says the troopers used 5 grains of black powder in their collar button gallery loads. For each group of test loads (say 3 or 4 rounds in each) add a small amount of additional powder (about 1. This is a good book for the history of the original 45-70 but does not have any real comprehensive reloading data for black powder loads. Our mission is to provide quality products and services in a manner which enhances the lives of our employees, familes, customers, suppliers, and our communities. He has a section in the book on black powder loads for the Winchester 1886 and the Marlin 1881 and 1895. 07-19-2014, 01:24 PM #3. Our price $53. For 405gr cast bullets, I tried everything, from IMR 4198, IMR 3031, XMR 5744, light loads of Unique, FFg black powder, and even duplex WW231/FFg loads. BOOK-LBPRC Loading the Black Powder Rifle Cartridge by Paul Matthews. UPS and FedEx will not deliver to a P. Small caliber varmint loads. It also serves many of the lever-gun cartridges, such as the . The cartridge is going to be around for another 150 years. These bullets are individually packaged in foam boxes, 50/box. BOOK-LEE-MR Modern Reloading, Second Edition, by Richard Lee. Sixgun wrote: 11 grains of Unique (loose in the case) with about any lead bullet you have. BUT I'd stay away from the cowboy loads. The IMR4759 load used a 410gr cast bullet in the same barrel length. 5in barrel. They involve the shooters. ALL Accurate 2015 Accurate 2200 Accurate 2230 Accurate 5744 Accurate LT-30 Accurate LT-32 Alliant Powder Reloder 10x Alliant Powder Reloder 7 Hodgdon Benchmark Hodgdon H322 Hodgdon H335 Hodgdon H4198 Hodgdon H4895 Hodgdon Trail Boss Hodgdon Varget Improved Military Rifle IMR 3031 Improved Military Rifle IMR 4064 Improved Military Rifle IMR 4166 Improved Military Rifle IMR 4198 Improved . 45-70-405. 5Fg loads than I do in my 45-70 & 40-82 swiss 1Fg loads. 458 Magnum ballistics. 272) at a MV of 1330 fps, and a ME of 1590 ft. $36. 457/. The Remington 8mm Mauser is pretty tame compared to the European (S&B) manufactured 8mm. The Model 1898 smokeless powder load boosted the velocity to 1,428 fps. cast round nose bullet. You can usually extrapolate trapdoor loads from 45-70 to 50-70 using the same bullet weight. The standard service load for the infantry rifle was 70 grains of black powder and a 500 grain bullet. Black powder is an explosive and lots of communities have imposed stringent storage requirements on it. 99. DOUBLETAP AMMO 45-70 GOVT 350gr SWIFT A-FRAME 20/BX. I prefer real black powder over any of the substitutes, but I realize that in some parts of the country the real thing can be hard to find. I only keep 5 powders on hand and I load almost everything from . 00 each; Custom loads and wads are available. It is very close to the velocity of the original Black Powder round. HoneyBadger™ doesn’t need hollow points and does not depend on them for performance. Any factory load should be fine. Shooting a 400 gr FP. PREMIUM BLACK POWDER LOADED AMMUNITION. , 0. Each individual must determine what is the best and safest load for their equipment. Also note that although it takes approximately 2ms (milliseconds or 1/1,000 of a second) after the primer ignites the powder for the bullet to exit the barrel . Ladle cast, lubed, and sized by hand, one at a time. It is an explosive and needs to be handled accordingly. If you are a purist and can’t wrap your head around shooting jacketed Trapdoor loads…this one’s for you. 00 Per 30; 2 1/2 & 2 9/16 Lengths Available; 3/14 8 Gauge Brass: $10-15. March 20, 2020. The initial powder charge was 70 grains of black powder. 50-70 Government cartridge which had been adopted in 1866, one year after the end of the American Civil War. HORN-395-LRB. The owner rubbed some motor oil on the stock, and considered it re finished. There are many safe black powder level loads for the 45-70. Box. Scooter has it right, buy a couple reloading manuals, and read them. ARMY in 1873 . The chamber should hold approximately 50 to 60 grains of black powder in . IMR 4198, at the same breech pressure (peak) gave a velocity of 1,952 fps. The original black powder load of 120 grains of FFg produced a breech pressure (peak) of 21,600 psi and a velocity of 1,812 ft/sec. 45-105-550 and found 90+ grains of blackpowder did not improve the situation. 45-70 has a short 22" barrel, which doesn't leave a lot of burn time for some powders. We're talking 500 grain bullets at 1625 fps and 405 grains at 2000 fps. The idea of duplex smokeless/black loads was to reduce fouling from the black. R grade gave 990 fps and 10,600 psi. Walker loves waterfowl hunting with his black lab Pow. Load Titles: Number of Loads. P. HoneyBadger™ — Our new line of ammunition that does not have hollow points. com » Tue Oct 28, 2003 6:14 am i almost ordered a 500 grain flat nose bullet this summer, and have foundthat its trajectory can be improved both with 400 grain bullet becouse it is lighter and alows more powder. This is about how I load the . S Government. I have shots tens of thousands of these loads through Trapdoors, 1886's, '95 Marlins, old Sharps rifles (the one pictured in my avatar) and anything . Originally the 45-70 round was a black powder cartridge, and in NO WAY are those rifles able to put up with todays hot loads. I think that black powder may be a less safe to handle, but way safer to reload, especially for antiques. 458 dia. The fastest powder I would consider in the 45-70 is IMR-4227. 40 Caliber lead round ball bullets. I'm tempted to stop here just to rachet your frustration level up a bit with yet another BP response when you're asking about smokeless. I later owned an 1874 Sharps musket in . 405 Gr. Weigh the powder charge in at least 10% of your loads to make sure you are dropping the proper amount of powder. If groups are wider with the above loads, reduce powder charge by 5- to 10 grains. This is a very accurate load that will go through a deer from end to end. Not in a 45-70. Remember that 4895 and 4198 are excellent replacement powders for black for the old guns. 45-70 Government, was developed at the U. Loading Cartridges for the Original . 1,280 FPS (24″) 405 Gr. In doing so, we deal with integrity and honesty . And I’ve been in the process of putting together all my reloading material together. 45-110 and . Blackpowder loads are pretty simple 70 grs of 2f with just about whatever bullet you choose. I use a card wad in the . Reloading . BruceB. NOT FOR USE IN LEVER ACTION RIFLES. 30-06 Springfield load is a 150 grain Nosler Partition (. This is the book that brought the Trapdoor out of the closet and into the winner's circle at the black powder single shot rifle matches. Its name is derived from the bullet diameter (. 45-70-500) was added that produced around 1,100 fps. The Winchester brand cartridges were loaded up into the late 1930’s so are not too hard to find. The 500 grain load would 'kill at one end and maim at the other'. 45-70 Government for black powder or Pyrodex® cartridge loads. 38 SHORT COLT 120 RN, 38 LC 145 RNFP, 38 SPC 145 RNFP. When Winchester made the transition to smokeless powder cartridges beginning in the late 1890s, they loaded them to the same pressure and velocity as the previous black powder loads. 6mm) and rifling consisted of 1 turn in 20”. $32. LOADING THE BLACK POWDER CARTRIDGE. There are guys who shoot 45-70 in the Montana "Quigley Shoot" and that is at a life sized buffalo target at 900 yards. $30. 45-90 and similar capacity black-powder cartridge rifle calibers has, for me, evolved into a process that is repeated each time I crack a new case of black powder or begin a relationship with a new rifle. For instance, using the ballistics of the original black powder . Going below the minimum load shown results in inconsistent loads. 45-70. 9-9-11 300 grain lead RNFP Cowboy One . in accordance with SAAMI (Shooting Arms and Ammunition Institute . 03-23-2012, 10:18 AM. With the action being very strong one could load the 45/70 to near . This is our favorite 45/70 load for casual plinking. The black powder . Item #: FDLG45701. Im not looking for specific load data just want to know if one powder shoots better than the rest. 45-70-405, which stood for the cartridge being . Model 1873/84 Springfield “Trapdoor” . First you size the case, then deprime, then reseat a new primer, load your powder using the supplied "powder measuring scooper thingie," seat the bullet, and then, if needed, crimp the bullet. I have bough my bullets yet. Title: Black Cartridge Data V9. It was officially known as the . Early loads featured internal centerfire priming, 70 grains of black powder and a 405-grain cast bullet (. LOAD DATA FOR METALLIC CARTRIDGE LOADS Caliber . Im not l. At this time, a new cartridge was adopted, the . I use the Cowboy Action loads from Black Hills, or the black powder loads, Black Dawg, made by Goex and both are available from Track of the Wolf. 45-70 was originally called the . For a deer hunting load, it was a toss up between 48. 38 – 40 175 RNFP (STANDARD & RR), 44C 205 RNFP, 44 SPC 205 RNFP, 44M 205 RNFP, 44R 205 RNFP, 44-40 205 RNFP (STANDARD & RR) 45 LC 235 RNFP, (STANDARD & RR . 45 caliber . The equipment to load the 45/70 is no more expensive than for other cartridges unless you go the black powder route. 40-65 and . Loads prepared in this manner are fairly stable as far as being carried in your pocket and, due to the alox, fairly resistant to light rain. 3 black powder. After extensive testing at Sandy Hook, in 1879, a 500-grain bullet (. Spence gives data for reproducing the Model 1898 load, but I chose to stick with black powder for my testing. Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats. **Out of Stock** Sold in 100 Count Box These hard cast bullet is cast with 92-6-2 certified . Manufacturer #: 559254. Call for pricing and availability. Chambering is . You can load the 45-70 from mild to wild. Hornady 399694 Lock-N-Load Powder Measure Bracket . Orders may be placed online 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. 45 Colt, 50-70, and . In my reloading book I have the following note, that the black powder pressure of 45-70 per saami is set at 28,000 psi; black powder pressures and velocity can be achieved using slow burning smokeless powders such as 4350 or 4831 when loaded to fill the case up to the base of the bullet. 5 grains of OE fffg powder and got about 430 fps . Click Image to Buy. $80. IMR4759 smokeless powder in a . Long range rules, the rest drool. must be consulted for their data. (3) 350 FP LC 0. black specks are the targets. Matthews. Re: Favorite IMR 4198 loads for 45-70 #901166 06/27/06 We are excited to introduce our new low pressure “Black Powder Equivalent” 45-70 loads, via popular customer demand. 6 inch long that was slightly crimped at the mouth and loaded with black powder and kept in place by a paper cup covered by a shellac wad. 45-60 made me think folks might be interested in seeing loading data for the . Designed for small caliber varmint loads, it meters consistently and meets the needs of the most demanding bench rest shooter. Over Powder Wad Recommended . 45-70 U. 303 cartridge originally had a compressed 70 grain black powder charge pushing the 215 grain bullet to 1850 fps; hard to imagine getting 70 grains of powder in that case. The you will then need a compression die and a drop tube as well. 32-20 WCF. 395) Lead Round Ball Bullets Hornady pk/100. 223 to 45-70. 45-70 Gov’t reigns supreme in the world of straight-walled cartridges to this day. Then I drop each of those hand-weighed powder charges down a 24-inch drop tube, taking about five seconds to trickle each one in. I have seated the bullet normally in the case with only 30gr FFg, but always wondered if it was dangerous. Put FFFg in the measure and throw a charge an weigh that. Discussion Starter · #1 · Mar 17 . The Model 1888 was the black powder powerhouse load that gave the Old Warrior its real authority. Temporarily unavailable from the manufacturer. C. Hand loading is nothing to play around with! There is plenty of low pressure 45-70 loading data out there. Excellent ifo here on both smokeless and black powder. Army's Springfield Armory for use in the Springfield Model 1873, which is known to collectors as the "Trapdoor Springfield". 40 Caliber (. 00. It isn’t unusual to have…. $51. I've shot original . It may not be safe with other brands of replica arms and those mfrs. Barrel is Badger 30 inch Heavy semi-octagonal, 1/2 inch across the flats to the forend tip, and 1. I tried it out in my . Black Powder Ball (1) BlitzKing (1) . They are made for the Trapdoors. Being from Dakota Territory, it’s only fitting that Black Hills make ammunition for the Cowboy Action Shooter. I am experienced with reloading many different rifle and pistol calibers with smokeless. 45-70 was introduced with a 405 grain lead bullet in front of a full 70 grains of black powder. 54 caliber. It was a black powder charge load. This ammunition is currently loaded black powder ammo in 45-70 Government. There is a HUGE volume in that case for smokeless, so there is huge capacity for foolishness. These calibers with B. Buffalo Bore loads some pretty hot ammo. 45-70 Gov't remains the most popular cartridge in that target game. 75” barrel. Smokeless small rifle powder. 387 BC) at 3,000 feet per second. Start typing and press Enter to search The . 45-70 Govt. By Mark A. And a current smokeless load with a 174 grain bullet about fills the case. I have already bought IMR 3031, 4198, and the 4064. for Grizzly Ammunition 45-70 Government +P 460 Grain Cast Performance Lead Wide Flat Nose Gas Check Box of 20. It fills over 1/2 of the case capacity (in all reasonable loads) so is pretty much impossible to double charge. The 45/70 ammo with the Goldilocks Load is perfect for strong action rifles including the popular modern lever guns and sharpshooter rifles. Best set to reload black powder for Trapdoor Springfields. Since you asked about the 45-70 I'll talk about that. This was the . The name 45-70 contains the black powder charge: 70 grains. Thus, you could run this in your 45-70 if you had a volumetric way to duplicate the black powder loads. Muzzleloader Caps found in: Thompson Center U-View In-line Capper for Musket Caps, Thompson Center Replacement Nipple - #11 / For Most T/C Cap Lock Rifles, Traditions Muzzleloader Composite Tubular Powder Measure - 10 to 120. 45-70 and . 45-120. While developers conceived it during the black powder era, it managed to make the transition from black powder to early smokeless powder, and finally to modern smokeless powder. These bullets are custom made with a softer alloy that is ideal for the lower pressure and velocity of a proper Trapdoor load. I have a Marlin 45-70 in stainless steel, that is made to use modern ammo, and it is great to shoot after you get used to the mule kick. BOOK-FY4570 Forty Years with the . Use something within the tables. Now if it is a Ruger #3 or #1 then you can load all YOU can stand to shoot. About as powerful I can stand to shoot! If you’re going whole hog and using the 3 ball 45/70 “hockshop” load, seat the first two balls until they’re ¼” below the case mouth, seat the 3rd ball 2/3s of the way in the case and crimp. Load Data « Blackhorn 209. 45-70-405, but was also referred to as the ". If it is a Sharps style falling block stay in the mild range about middle or the road for Marlin rifle loads as a max. 357 Magnum and my 45-70. Joined Aug 1, 2001 · 3,173 Posts . “Off” sounds in the report told a sad tale. 450 Marlin. lbs. 45 Colt, . 45/70 played a huge role along with it's predecessor the . Hornady JHP with Goldilocks Load – This round produces less recoil and allows you to enjoy shooting for the entire day. Otherwise 34 grns of 3031 behind a 405 grn, or enough FFg or FFg to compress 1/16th to 1/8th inch under any bullet. 457193 made with 1:16 alloy, 67 grains of Swiss 1½ Fg black powder, a Winchester case, a CCI 250 primer, homemade lube and card wad. My understanding is that the US ammo companies "down load" the older cartridges such as the . 45-70 black powder loads, along with a drop tube and compression die, but that's my only use of a card or felt wad. Have loaded Black Powder 10ga shotshells but first time trying rifle namely 45-70. Above, these were Mike’s match . The 45-70 is a real deer killer and cast bullets can drop them as fast as any premium bullet. They ensure every load is authentic. Due to changes over time, we have to define this cartridge in two different eras. 08 per round) Our Price: $53. Buffalo Bore low pressure “Black Powder Equivalent” 45-70 loads are safe to use in “Trap Door” actions, assuming the action is in normal operating condition. indicate the use of commercial cartridges cases reloaded with BLACK POWDER only. 45-70 in order to avoid the lawsuits from having someone blow up their rifle. the best $30 you will spend on your rifle. Velocity: 1250 FPS. $12. These sold for nearly $1,800, and are also discontinued. Construction is all steel metal with American Walnut Buttstock and forend. 45-70 black powder loads with the 405 grain lead bullets - with the standard Infantry 70 grain loads - and they whalloped like crazy in a Carbine. BOOK-LCBH-4 Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook by Lyman Products. BLANK LOADS. 458” (11. I'll repeat the loads for you here: 410 gr cast bullet / Federal 215 Magnum primer/modern Starline brass 60 gr FFg 62 grains Goex Cartridge 45 gr Pyrodex Select (Page 203) All the velocities were around 1200 FPS which is a safe load. Loading the . 45-caliber, using 70 grains of black powder behind a 405-grain cast lead bullet. Facebook. i shoot the 55gr 2Fg carbine load with well lubed 405gr cast bullet over a 45 cal greased wonder wad, to assist in compressing the load. Hodgdon Powder Company operates following Biblical principles to honor God. There are some 550grn loads out there for 800 yd silhouette targets. Had custom inserts made up for the powder compression and cartridge mouth bell operations. NOTE: All ammunition is shipped via UPS or FedEx Ground. The bullets uncrimped and touching the grooves on chambering. Take your black powder measure and adjust it to throw a volume of powder that is 70 grains by weight of FFg. So there I stood, holding in my hands not just a good woods rifle but a black powder cartridge rifle—at 1/4 the cost of others I had priced. Maximum loads should not exceed 60 grains in . Black-powder load used Federal 215 Large Rifle Magnum primers. Part 1 covers lubing and sizing bullets for black powder. Extremely popular Postell–a classic Lyman bullet–mould designed and built by NOE Bullet Moulds. It holds the smokeless powder charges within a couple tenths of a grain, which is fine for 100-yard shooting. 45-70 loads were "safe" for Trapdoor rifles, but you can't assume that any more. 45 in), the weight of the black powder used when it was created (70 grains), and the fact that it was designed and used by the U. IMR 3031 42. ABOUT WYATT: Wyatt is 14 years old and has also hunted Africa, Hawaii and other states as well. Using the 45/70 as an example. It is kind of like being able to go shooting with my grandfather. So, take that for what its worth. The original loads for this caliber were based on a . Florida. if shooting black powder, the fouling will either require blowtubing or wiping to get best target accuracy. And I’m also going to load black powder loads later. 45-70-405—in the nomenclature of the black powder cartridges, where caliber-powder charge-bullet weight were named—and its accompanying Model 1873 ‘Trapdoor’ Springfield rifle proved to be a very accurate and effective combination. First let me reiterate that I enjoy the nostalgia of shooting a rifle that is well over a century old. Item #: DT34996. Given the trouble I'm having finding the smokeless powder I want/need, any suggestions for black powder or better yet a BP substitute load(s) for a 45-70? Would be much appreciated. 1 grain. ammo was released to the military, in the military rifle of the day, which was the Springfield model 1873. I see the same thing in 8 mm Mauser (8 x 57 JIS). Start new topic; 45/70 It's realy very simple If your not familiar with black powder I would recomend finding a black powder reloading manual from someone like Gun Digest. Reloader 7, at about the same breech pressure (peak) gave a velocity of 2,132 fps. To my knowledge they were black powder. 357 MAG 145 FP. Remember that was with the original lower powered black powder loads. Reloading modern lever action 45-70. For the blackpowder loads meant for long-range shooting I hand weigh each one to plus/minus . Re: 45-70 Reduced Loads. 45-70-405) that produced around 1,394 feet per second (fps). 10 per round. 45-70 rifle. I offer many variations in cast bullets for this cartridge as this caliber was made for cast bullets and are the . 45, Lyman, 535gr*, Postell (AJ3) $ 39. I was just wondering if any of you guy that shoot 45-70 in old original trapdoors ever used Pyrodex in it and if you have what was the load that worked best. 50. The mantra for black powder has always been to seat the bullet onto the powder. 45-70 formed to . i bring a mixture of water and murphys oil . 45-70 cartridge with black powder. 45-70 denomination, with the "Government" designation identifying it as a service cartridge. The new cartridge was a replacement for the stop-gap . O. For my upclose steel loads for our rifle only shoot I use 10 grns Unique under a 405 pellet. We are excited to introduce our new low pressure “Black Powder Equivalent” 45-70 loads, via popular customer demand. 2. 45-70 Government (1) . S. 200 . The 45-70 Government cartridge was adopted by the United State Military in 1873. PommyB. The trap door Springfield shooting 45/70 black powder loads. By today’s standards, this is a mild load, but it was all the original Springfield 1873 Trapdoor rifles could handle. I load 3FG Olde Eynsford black powder in my Cimarron/Uberti Old Model. Secondary Uses: 45-70 gov't. PISTOL/REVOLVER AMMUNITION. Cordite increased that to 1970 fps. The . The problem with reloading these old cartridges is they were designed to take a large charge of black powder, and we're putting in 4-10 grains of smokeless powder and leaving a . The one I had converted to smokeless was a spare barrel that happened to fit a receiver off of an unused shotgun. I’ve decided to go with IMR for my smokeless powder. i drill out the primer hole to about . The following is the process that I have found to be an effective approach to reloading 45-70 “Black Powder” shells. 45-70, and didn’t sell very well. In my youth I had a nice U. 357 Magnum. My favorite primers for 45-70 and other caliber BPCR's are CCI BR-2 and Federal GM150 Match - no wads over or under primer pockets. Anyone used Pyrodex as black powder substitute in 45-70 trapdoor loads. Caliber was . 35 Remington, . These ads have misled many novice muzzleloaders into unrealistic expectations from a black powder firearm. Reloading the . N. GOEX is a brand in the Hodgdon Powder Company lineup. Reloading 45-90 Black Powder Ammunition for the Sharps Rifle Loading cartridges for black powder rifles is much more complicated than when using modern nitro-based propellants and while my Sharps has been nitro-proofed, I prefer to do things the traditional way thereby making a rod for my own back as you will see. B. The Pyrodex I've loaded (in a muzzle-loader) substituted for black by volume, not weight. 45-70 cases (left) prevents shaving the soft heel of the Gould’s bullet. The official military designation of the new cartridge was the . Goex Black Dawge Black Powder Ammunition 45-70 Government 405 Grain Lead Flat Nose Box of 20. 45-70 is a long-range caliber, and accurate use requires knowledge of windage and elevation by minute of angle and a sense for estimating . Goex also needed a different primer [don't shoot Goex any more]. Do not use any of this data with guns designed for black powder loads or any original TRAPDOOR rifles, EXCEPT WHERE NOTED that it is a “TRAPDOOR” Load. 45-70 Government: 54. Get a Lyman manual, it has smokeless loads for 45-70 in all 3 types of rifles (trapdoor loads, lever gun loads, and Ruger#1 T-Rex loads). The black powder loads listed in the chart “Powder Load” are referred to the most proper loads for the target shooting and have been elaborated using Swiss black powder (in the different granulations, according to the gun’s type). With my alloy and the checks and the lube these weighed 330gr. Price: $24. 90 per round) View Options. 45-70 500 Grain RN - COATED. 100 inches for use with a 405-grain roundnose lead-alloy bullet of . 45-75 loaded rounds to use as samples. Reply #3 - Apr 23 rd, 2015 at 12:09pm. With black powder and a 400 grain bullet, velocity will be around 1200 to 1300 FPS with a pressure of around 20,000 PSI. 0 grains of Varget with the Gould’s bullet. 214, SD . 35 grains of H4895 under a 400 grain cast bullet from a twenty inch barrel will give 1300 to 1400 fps and only 12000 psi, and it is an accurate load. Great in . Accuracy was poor, and I didn’t need a chronograph to know the loads were inconsistent. 63 mm); 70: weight of black powder . See full list on starlinebrass. They were offered in . Cleaning the bore with detergent [Simple Green] and water took the finish off the wood. (Handloader Issue #243 - October, 2006) Be Alert: Publisher cannot be responsible for errors in published load data. It will serve as a reduced-load powder choice in the aforementioned big-bore cartridges and is an optimum choice in those larger black-powder cartridges, such as the . Pedersoli says not to exceed the Trapdoor Springfield level loads (or stay with the Holy Black), but some pretty hot ammo says its safe to use in the Pedersoli. 45 caliber 405 grain projectile over 70 grains of black powder for a muzzle velocity of roughly 1200fps. 096 for better ignition. Shortly after this round was accepted by the Army, a second service load was introduced for the carbine. This by the way was the most accurate of the black powder loadings. Of the 3 it tried, 2400 shot the cleanest and most accurate. FPL. These were discontinued, but you may still be able to find one. 459 . $2. Price: $25. The I own three complete Handi 45/70's. Seeing the thread on loads for the . 90. 50/70 in the eradication of wild American bison (buffalo) in the western states. Load your brass $42. Cast bullet diameter: . This set lets you come closest to the old Govt specs for the 45-70. 348 Winchester and . 32 ACP to . Great for . I use two sets, resize, bell, powder compression, bullet seating then taper crimp in separate ops. Thank you in advance, Richard For those black powder guns that are in good strong shape, there are some modern powder loads I can recommend. 45-90 for long-range target competition, exclusively. Reloader 7 is a good powder to work with as is IMR 4198. And nowhere near the max pressure the gun is rated for. Category: Authentic Cowboy Action. 45-70 with bullet weights varying from 330 grains all the way up to 500 The author’s . WillyPete · Registered. 45-70 black powder cartridge reloading question 45-70 black powder cartridge reloading question. My load is as follows . 45-70 Springfield Rifle and Carbine by J. I tried a lot of powders, 3031 worked well for me too. Smokeless powder loads used CCI 200 Large Rifle primers. Heck, all that could cost as much as the rifle. Black Hills Cowboy Action Ammunition 44-40 WCF 200 Grain Lead Flat Nose Box of 50. bullet) USE LARGE RIFLE PRIMERS: POWDER MEASURING TECHNIQUE - Push the measure through the powder only once, then give the measure a slight shake sideways to level it off. R. 70 grains by weight of FFG will not have the same volume as 70 grains of FFFg by weight. I loaded bullets cast from a RCBS 300gr GC mold. S and Pat Wolf, 3rd edition, spiral bound to lay flat. Non-toxic California approved loads are available in 10, 12, 16, or 20 gauge, black powder or smokeless. 45-70 is one of our oldest centerfire rifle cartridges, a black powder number that successfully made the transition to smokeless powder and has prospered into the 21st Century. Just like you’d expect with such a popular cartridge, Barnes produces . Components are:Swiss #3 Fg ,Winchester Magnum rifle primers, 500gr. 45 caliber or 80 grains in . Stock Filter. Have found they produce the lowest briance for deflaguration of the powder column. Product Family #: 1001908661. 0 grain between test groups) until your last group has slightly more powder than you really need. though the P-Pyro 45 Colt load came close to it. 45-70 rifle cartridge, also known as . Business Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 am - 4:30 pm Pacific Time. 3 grains pushing a rem 405 jacketed bullet. MPN# 399694. 230 BC). 15 outside diameter at the muzzle. Designed for use in the Model 1873 “Trapdoor” Springfield, the . FEDERAL AMMO 45-70 300gr BSP HAMMER DOWN 20/bx 10/cs. I use a different primer in my 40-70 & 40-50 swiss 1. The pressure ran a little over 9500 psi. (19) Category. Finally, as long as the correct load parameters are adhered to, smokeless powder can be used in all of the center fire lever-action models & cartridges. For this article, I will discuss loading the 45-70 Gov’t cartridge, but these hints will also apply to other calibers, such as . He loaded some up with 7. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 9 of 9 Posts. I don't recall off-hand what bullet weight that was under, and again you'd need to match . Meters consistently. Using hogdon H4198 with 55gr powder and a 300 gr bullet (sierra pro hunter hp/fn and cci large rifle no. 45-70 was first introduced as the . 45-70 Government (in a Sharps Model 1874 / Venturino Data) 15 At this time, a new cartridge was adopted, the . Optimized for rapid expansion, high weight retention, and deep penetration, this is an outstanding choice of . 45: nominal diameter of bullet, measured in decimal inches, i. Expect a power to recoil ratio that is right in the middle. I put 16 grains of Trail Boss in a Starline case with a Federal 210 primer to set it off. 45-70 load used a 416-grain Lyman No. For the triple 7 and Pyrodex, you should probably refer to Hogdons on those substitute powders. Also has anyone used H4895 in an old trapdoor. 45/70 Government 300 gr. For instance, . 45-70 is a popular choice for black-powder cartridge shooting events, and replicas of most of the early rifles, including Trapdoor, Sharps, and Remington single-shot rifles, are often available. This will be short and to the point. As far as selling you a 45/70 I have one that was bought new for my wife and even with reduced loads was too much for her to shoot accurately. Loaded with Swiss Black Powder and a 400 grain round nose lead bullet. Out of Stock. Velocity is between 1000 and 1100. I just test fired my 45/70 with 3 different powders and there seemed to be quite a difference in accuracy. 10 Created Date: 1. Price: $22. 45-70 ammunition to safe levels for the Trapdoor; they're labeled as such. Vozar. 457-inch diameter. #4 · Sep 27, 2015. Airspace in a black powder load can cause . My latest issue of "BPC News" has an article on this subject written by Mike Nesbitt. 45-70 Govt black powder loading of a 405 grain bullet (. That being said it is way easy to reload with black powder. -----for a fun/target load(50 yds)-----40 gr 2f then fill the case with cornmeal----compress meal/powder,seat CAST bullet(350,405gr)----acurate to 50/75yds,and . 45-70 450 Grain RNFP - COATED. The load of smokeless powder 1,35 grams Vihtavuori N110 + a strong carton wad over the powder, one dose of semolina (cream of wheat), one thin carton wad, and one of paper. Look for the proper amount of powder and also ensure that there actually is powder in every case. But today, the 45 70 round is intended for hunting large game at a short range. You can't argue with that kind of power. UPC #: 858900001227. I have seen some loads in some manuals using smokeless powder and was . Make sure that the chamber is completly filled with powder to avoid any empty space between powder and ball. 45-70 factory load is a 405 grain bullet (BC . Introduced to the world just 1 year after the invention of . First, we have Olde Eynsford black powder, which is the first modern powder, at least in my experience, to be equal to, or very nearly equal to, the best English powders of the late 1800s. Product #: 559254. using a grease wad under the bullet might allow shooting dirty. Crimping is important if you run these cartridges in a lever action, where, due to the tubular magazine, the recoil could possibly cause a bullet to seat . I bought this book hoping to get proper black powder loads and recorded velocities for my Pedersoli trap-door. Black Hills 45-70 Government 405gr Lead Flat Point Cowboy Action Ammunition. The reason for that is, black powder is measured by volume and not weight. 5744 is a great powder to load low pressure 45-70 ammo. The further mission is to find replacement loads for the now-discontinued DuPont/IMR powders that have been the foundation for low-pressure shotgun loads for . Shooting Black Powder Firearms | Reloading Black Powder Cartridges by Bob Shell, Thu, June 27, 2013. 38 Special, my . 45-70 with Triple 7. com The new cartridge was completely identified as the . If condition of old gun is doubtful, even these loads could be risky. Original (1873) 45-70 Govt. 30-30 Winchester, . I recommend getting a few original . A good example is the 45-70. Under thier listing for 45-70, it says. N Mike Venturino Photos by Yvonne VenturinoN o shooting game should be more attractive to an avid handloader than NRA Black Powder Cartridge Rifle (BPCR) Silhouette . 45-70 ammo for hunting black bear, moose, whitetail deer, feral hogs, and elk. Original blank cartridges manufactured by Frankford Arsenal consisted of the copper, inside primed service case 1. EOD guy----I shoot Trapdoors,Rolling Block,and Sharps rifles in 45-70-----I will tell you this for a start--use 2F----there are several tricks to make them shoot--with BLACK POWDER, DO NOT leave any free space between powder and bullet. Another Browning option was the BPCR, which stands for Black Powder Cartridge Rifle. by 2ndovc » Fri Dec 12, 2008 1:53 am. Pretty good powder for the . This load produced a velocity of about 1,300 fps in the long-barrel version of the Springfield that was carried by . That’s my heaviest loaded black powder . 454 Casull and . ($3. But I won't. 45 Government for the army’s new Model 1873 rifles and carbines. Keeping your velocity at 1250fps for the 50-70, and 1315 for the 45-70 will be velocities the sights are set for. I do apologize for my slight lisp, Hopefully a fix will come soon. This was no lightweight. 358 Winchester. for dies, when using low pressure loads 45/70 dies can get you shooting quite well. J. 45-70 ammo produced with a 300-grain bullet by Winchester Ammunition has a muzzle velocity of 1,880 feet-per-second with 2,355 foot-pounds of energy, but the velocity and energy quickly drop at around 300 yards. Stick to the loads for the lever guns. 45-70-405 refers to the bullet diameter, powder charge, and bullet weight, and this type of nomenclature could easily describe the rounds of the day, such as 45-110, 45-120, 50-90, and so on. Qty: Add to Wish List. The best advise I can give you is to try a pistol primer , punched thru a piece of copy paper. 38-56. black powder and max velocity in 45-70. The loads described on this site were generated at the ballistics test facilities of Western Powders, Inc. The semolina dose (1,70 grams) calculated to have everything compressed 3 mm by the bullet when it is seated. All powder grain weights given are for Swiss n. 458 inches (11. Add to Compare. This mould casts a very concentric bullet with a flat base and consistent weight. Hard cast bullets are also available for the 45/70 commercially. 45-70 is maxed out at roughly 70 grains of black powder The designation. First a little about my background. = Tipped MatchKing = New for 2021 = Extreme Low Drag-Match = Extreme Low Drag-eXpanding. 45/70 was a very popular conversion on Mauser 98 Actions with gunsmiths. 45-caliber 500-grains ball propelled by 70 grains of black powder − hence the . The same amount of P-Pyro under this bullet gave 1030 fps and around 11000psi. (*) This pressure is allowable for modern made Pedersoli rifles in 38-55, 40-65, 45-70, -90, -100, -110, -120, 50-70, and 50-90. 5,706. « Reply #7 on: December 27, 2016, 01:47:04 PM ». He harvested his first turkey and whitetail deer at age 5 and completed his turkey grand slam by age 11. The number of factory loads still available . e. buffalo arms is a good source of stuff like dies for cartridges like this. Case length was 2. I use a poly-foam wad over the powder in both 50-70, and 45-70 when the case is less than 75% full. That load consisted of a 405-grain hollow-based bullet over a full 70-grain charge of 2Fg Goex black powder. Trimming cases to the same length placed an exact amount of crimp on the bullets. I will here give some helpful hints on how to successfully load the black powder cartridge. The traditional . In a straight wall case like the 45-70, can a bullet be seated all the way down on the powder of say a 30 grain charge? Or, just seat as usual at the case mouth. . I'm sure they're fine loads for compitition shooting but just not for deer hunting. Remington still loads some . I'm shooting a modern Marlin 1895. I just started to reload some 45-70 loads for my Henry 45-70 and I used the hogdon sight to look up bullet weight/measurements wich powder to use ect ect . Later, a reduced 55 grain powder charge behind a 405 grain bullet was adopted to reduce recoil in lightweight carbines and a full power load with a 500 grain bullet was developed for use in long range . Load a series of test loads using a slightly smaller powder charge than you want to end up with. Use Federal 215 magnum primer to avoid hang fires. 4 In Stock. You will find that 70grs will not go in the case, so if you want top loads you may want to go with Triple 7 and use ther data Just the way I do it. 45-70, so I thought it would provide the best black powder baseline to compare to the hotter Triple 7. 45-70 ammo featuring their legendary copper X-Bullet. Our Price: $77. Note that all the Goex loads utilized a 500gr cast bullet in a 23. After charging cases with powder, check each and every case before seating a bullet. 32-20 WCF 115 RNFP. 45-70 Government and the . Re: Loading for 45-70 collar button bullets. 99 ($1. Post. Problem I`m having is the case capacity with this bullet being so long. Black powder was the only propellant for guns from the 13th century until 1886 when the French developed the first usable smokeless powder for the 8 X 50 Lebel rifle cartridge. At the range I fired all loads from both the 50 and the 100 yard range. A slight bell to the mouth of . Though a dark time in this cartridge's history the . The problem: The Ruger #1S in . 45-70 Goverment (T/C Handgun / using Hornady bullets) 48. If you're looking for shooting supplies, black powder ammunition, Swiss & Goex black powder, cowboy action shooting supplies, reloading dies, Uberti rifles, Thumlers tumblers, stainless steel media, Kowa scopes, Schuetzen black powder or a new bullet mould, you're in . Consider using original Black Powder loads and lead bullet for old guns. HoneyBadgers™ work everytime, and like their namesake, HoneyBadgers™ DON’T RECOGNIZE NORMAL LIMITATIONS. John. . Remington, federal and Winchester all produce ammo with smokeless powder that duplicate the original trapdoor ballistics and have proved to be safe in the original gun sfor decades. The nomenclature of the time was based on three properties of the cartridge: . By JG Wentworth, July 9, 2020 in SASS Wire. If you want a great 100 yard load that will not beat you up try this load. 0 grains of IMR-3031 or 54. 45 Government" cartridge in commercial catalogs. They have lots of info on the subject. 45-70 load approximates the performance of the original . 45-70 load, a bullet will drop nearly 50 inches between 350 and 400 yards! For this reason, long-range shooters using cartridges . 45-70 Government 405 grain RNFP. These “BPE” loads are safe to use in “Trap Door” actions, assuming the action is in normal operating condition. It used to be that almost all . But, in my normal financially embarrassed state, I didn't have $249. 4570 black powder loads

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